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Heroic NH
Hey guys,

Been doing a bit of reading up on the Heroic NH.

Found this :-


Nice simple, straightforward differences to look out for.

If anyone else finds some more info share it here, would be nice to go in knowing what to expect.
So from what I've been reading, Scorpyron will be a fairly straight forward dance that we all know just with a ramped up damage.

The Anomaly might be where we get a little stuck, he has an enrage timer which is a sure-fire wipe and the damage is REALLY ramped up on this fight.

I've been reading some stuff about Trillax and it means it can't only be fiddy who eats the cake, also his beam is insta-death.

Very excited about these heroic bosses, going to be a lovely challenge tomorrow.
looks like we might be light this evening on people if that's the case I think we just smash out NH normal unless anyone fancies trying ToV Heroic just for completion?
If I remember from taking the monk, Skorp has a few tweaks to him in heroic, particularly on the trash packs. They have a larger, red scorpion that is quite beefed up from the others. Must be the volatile ones in the guide you linked. Bang on with the Anomaly, he's a fair bit stronger than normal. Worth a go though! That guide looks useful.

Will hopefully be semi back in action next week, as we have a temporary house to move into (fingers crossed). Got a laptop to be getting on with, but the connection from the hotel is dogshit, even downloading a small game is a major chore.

Longer term, will be lucky to be back at home before Christmas, but honestly just moving out of the hotel is enough at the moment. There is a lot of work to be done from the flood!

Fingers crossed I will be able to back in action soon. GL with the raid Grin
Mate, sounds like a shitty situation if you need any help with anything let me know I can pop over and help out.... Hev's feed up with me being around the house so much anyway blow.
Cheers mate, will let you know. Only packing to do currently 😀
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