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'End Game' advice
Tonight, all going well, I should finally ding 80. Hurrah for me!

I've been looking into armor, weapons and accessories etc and wondered whether any other guardian players had any advice for level 80 stuff. I'd decided a while ago that the Durmand Priory heavy armor would be my first set so that's probably not going to change.

It seems that a crafted Knight's set is also the way to go for the build I'm going to try (hammer + Altruistic Healing). Not sure if anyone has been whoring dungeons for the exotic sets at all?

Other information I'm interested in is what people have been doing since hitting 80. I still have a fair amount of my personal story to go (and I hear Orr is a bitch to navigate) plus a lot of map completion.

Appreciate any suggestions and/or abuse!
Edited by Psykotix on 09-04-2013 19:57
Hello mate,

It's all really down to personal preference. I found staff is your friend as the guardian, especially for big fights with lots of mobs but I know people who prefer the great sword. Armour-wise we have a few people who can craft sets (Indio off the top of my head can do heavy at level 400), Durmond or karma armour is certainly a good entry level set to level 80 mate, the cultural armours are also really nice but very expensive.

Item levels go Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and then pink. So far a few of us have one maybe 2 pink items to give you an idea on how difficult they are to get hold of.

As for talents Altruistic healing + Hammer is brilliant, you will not die, it also works well with Greatsword, basically anything that has a buff move, if you use number 4 on the staff with it you will heal yourself almost to full if your next to a group of players.

If you find an exotic set you like in a dungeon more than a few of us are hungry to run some dungeons so put a post up mate we will get something organised, personally I'd like to hit up Arah for the tokens but I've been waiting till we get a few more people interested.

As for what I've been doing, mostly getting my crafting skills leveled, playing a few alts, trying to get world completion and a fair ammoutn of WvW. But there is plenty to do. Let me know when you are hitting up Orr mate, that place is hectic and great fun, also have a chat with Pat or Gen about dragon hunting that is brilliant fun too.
Hi Mate, I can confirm I do have Armoursmith at 400. My other character has leathercrafting and weaponsmith at 400 each too.

I can make exotic level 80's for both hammer and heavy armour if you need them, let me know what pieces (if any) you need.

Also have a think about what combination of stats are needed and I will get the recipes in to cover that from my karma.

They do need a fair amount of stuff to make, but there's no rush, get bits in at a time or mix and match with karma sets from ORR, its all good.

The same goes for anyone in the guild by the way.

In regards to dungeons I would be more than happy to grind out some dungeon tokens. Still need to do Arah story mode on two 80's to finish personal story Smile
Whilst I remember Orr is worth completing as a zone because you get 2 random exotic rewards upon zone completion so even if you dont get something you can use you can smash them up into ecto's to make something worth using.
Monkey Hustle
Psykotix wrote: Appreciate any suggestions and/or abuse!

I suggest you fuck off you cunt. Done and done.

Oh, I am a 400 weaponsmith too if you need anything making or need some mats. Just shout what you need, or put a list up here and I'll help out if I can Smile
Edited by Monkey Hustle on 10-04-2013 11:59
Steels right about the high level zones, two exotics per map completion.

However I would suggest not smashing up exotics for get the same amount from rares (yellow) and get these all the time dragon hunting.

If you dont like what you get its best to swap it with someone in guild or just sell it for cash to buy what you need.
Lovely bunch of replies, thank you all. Little disappointed it took 4 posts before anyone called me a cunt though!

I bought the Durmand Priory set last night after hitting 80 via crafting for the last 3/4 of the level...felt a bit sick that I didn't actually hit or kill anything all night though Sad I'll be getting a couple of rare weapons to go with the armor and a set of cheap runes. Accessories I can make so again, rares until I can afford to make a full set of the exotics. This'll be a stop gap setup until I can exotic the entire lot!

I've been looking into the dungeons and the only things I know I want at the moment are the Ascalonian Hammer and a set of the exotic armor...Orrian armor would do nicely! I've not done any of the dungeons yet so happy to do whatever with them.

Karma armor is another aim, nearly have enough for a full exotic set but need to work out which pieces to buy from each of the vendors!

Throw in a couple of the mystic forge stones I'll be combining with three rare weapons (once I've got them) and I seem to have more of a plan. God bless smartphones and toilet breaks at work Pfft
Another option you might want to consider is getting yourself a yellow magic find set. These are typically a good idea at level 80 as whilst your running round zones in a set of magic find gear the bits you need to craft/smash will drop more frequently. It does seem to make a big difference.
Sounds good. You use MF accessories, sigils etc for a complete set, or just the armor? From want I've read you can get the % up pretty high if you can afford to invest. Id probably just get some of the cheaper accessories, if anything.
Monkey Hustle
I found this guide about magic find, its got some useful info on it...

Yup well worth getting the sigils of magic find and the runes of the pirate (I think they are called) on top plus all the accessories. I have a 400 jewlcrafter as does Pat and Mr T off the top of my head who might be able to help with those bits. As for armour Indi or Hustle would be your chaps.
Seems we have a few jewel crafters at 400 now, myself included! Haven't managed to get armor crafting much over 200 or 225 yet. Need to look into doing it bit seems to cost a fair whack to do.

I'll look at that guide and start the planning. Seems I'm doing more of that than twatting things since hitting 80! /sadface
Lol, wait till you go to Orr mate.... twatting things is all you can do, there are no safe places to stand and admire the view in Orr.
Only had an hour last night so sorted some rare MF armor, 5 pirate runes, 1 traveler rune and an exotic opal amulet. Totals 90% MF iirc. I'll add to that lot over the next couple of weeks I think as the accessories alone are pricey, even if i make them!
As I may have mentioned once or twice yesterday I hit 400 in Armorsmithing so an exotic crafted set, or two, is on the cards! Knight's and Beserker's sets are the two I'll be crafting once I've got the materials and gold for the runes. If anyone wants anything made give me the mats and I'll sort it out Smile

I now have the karma for an exotic set from Orr so if anyone is having a run to the Temple of Dwayna or wants to guide me there I'd appreciate it!
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