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Discussion Forum » Other Games » Blood Bowl » Time for another round
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Time for another round
Monkey Hustle
Mr Patman, any day this week good for you?
I think my next game is with Woolfy, so if you're about Friday Woolfy I'll be ready for a good kick in! Frown
2-0 loss against Hustle tonight.Shit dice,spent the night pushing his team around Sad.Almost pushed my way through for a touchdown but Hustle retreated to thwart my vallant effort.On his last touchdown i lined my team up for him to knock over in the hope he got a turn over as it was his last go but he didnt fall for it Angry,touchdown number two went in and the game was over.Cheers Hustle,good game Smile
I think I have Dor next, when's good for you mate?
I'm free tomorrow night or tuesday matey if hats any good?
Tomorrow is good for me, I'm only working in the morning so any time in the PM should be fine
Should be on from about 8 i hope Smile
Sammy wrote:

I think my next game is with Woolfy, so if you're about Friday Woolfy I'll be ready for a good kick in! Frown

Yes Sammy i'm about tonight, should get on for about 20:00 with any luck Smile
Monkey Hustle
Woolfy Sammy says shes sorry but she cant make it tonight, so you can have a 2-0 win as shes not sure when she will be able to make it. Grats bud Smile
Monkey Hustle
How are we doing with the last remaining games? I know Dor tried to have his game friday, though Tarn was a no show. Did it get replayed?

Is Chi and Fids the other game left?

Could I also ask that we please try to make a little more effort to let people know if we cant make a game so they are not sat around waiting all night?
I think Chi is about tonight, I'll drop him a txt to contact Fiddy.
Sorry guys, especially Dor, for my lameness on Friday. No excuses, I'm just a disorganised pleb. I don't know if I can make it in a reasonable time this week, so I shall concede my halflings to their inevitable defeat.
Monkey Hustle
Okey doke bud, if you are sure Smile

Just Chi and Fids left then we can get this one wrapped up and the new one started Grin
Yeah, I'm building back up to full time hours at work this week, so there's every chance I'll be asleep by tea time most nights. Such an old man Smile
So we could well get underway with the new season this week then? Exciting!!!!!!
No Worries Tarn, It happens matey i'd do the same apart from being attacked by a 6yr old the moment i sit down.
Monkey Hustle
Breaking news!!!! Theres a final in the league! Steel hasnt won it just yet!!!!

Steel V Me! The winner gets the pleasure of the league title and the pain of playing halflings next season!!!
oh cool...good luck?
Sadly no deaths but a good number of my elven bitches left the field proper fucked in an awesome game against Chi... The remains of my team will now be dissolved in a bath of acid Grin

A 2-0 victory puts Chi up to 3rd spot, gratz bud!

Looking forward to the final now!!! Grin
"Do you know what "nemesis" means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent.
Personified in this case by a 'orrible cunt... Me!"
Bugger it, I thought I'd won! I know everyone out there will be much saddened by the news that I didn't take home the trophy yet and now I have to contend with the horror that is Hustles Chaos team to try and steal a win.... Once more into the breach!
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