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Stells extra finger (vet league)
Title is a work in progress. Theres been a lot of chatter about getting a Vet league up and running and I'm happy to run it, I just wanted to make sure we get some rules (booo yeah I know) down on paper so we can get it underway. So I'm thinking....

Da rules
1) The league will start November 18th, this gives people time to setup their team play a few games and generally prepare themselves for the Carnage.

2) Team value can be from 950 (you're brave) to 2500 (you're scary) allowing people to come in at any level.

3) Games will need to be played within 1 week (unless special circumstances arrive) turnover day will be Monday, if people have a really good excuse for delays "My dog ate my team" we can postpone but lets be fair, if you can't make it within 2 weeks (if people think this is reasonable) then we can award the game to the player who was able to play at a 2-0 victory.

4) League format will be "CUP" (depending on the ammount of interest). Which is a league table followed by a playoff, I hope this league will run many seasons meaning that if you get knocked out or dont make playoff's its not the end of the world (I'm not able to find a way to do a runners up cup sorry).

5) You are free to enter any team you wish into this cup chose your favorite and stick with them, you will not be able to back out of the league with this team until completion of the league, at which time you may change the team for something else. If your unable to play the rest of the league with that team either due to deaths or "My dog at my team" we can award the 2-0's to your opponenets but please let us know.

6) Prize money, 200k.

Anyways thats all I can think of right now but please use this post to discuss what you thinks right or wrong and I will ammend the rules so we have them nailed down. I'm also looking for volunteers to help commision the leauge (day ends, match fixing that sort of thing haha). Also I will add sign ups to this league so we can check that we have an even ammount of people to begin it. It would be nice if you can add the team/teamname you are going to bring along on with you also.


Stell - The dead walking - Undead
Hustle - -
Indio - The Beardy Lovepumpers - Chaos Dwarves
Pat - -
Fiddy - -
Chi - -
Dor - - Elves
Tarn - -
Tarn's Mate - -

League is created
League name: "Stells Brown Finger"
PWD : darkbrown
I've created the league for 10 teams, we have nine signups but Hustle kindly offered to put a team in under Sammys name we can all take a 2-0 off to make up the numbers. So unless someone heroically steps in then we will of course change that.
Edited by Steeltusk on 15-11-2013 22:25
Monkey Hustle
Just a quick observation, we may need to raise the team value cap a little. My lizards are just over 2000 I think so would be excluded from this league.

I like the 1 week turnover idea too, keep this one nice and quick, and the normal league a 2 week turn around.

The prize money could be around 150k-200k or so? I dont think we want it too high, but enough to replace a player or two at the end of the season Grin
Edited by Monkey Hustle on 25-10-2013 10:36
Good shout bud, I'll up the limit to 2500, I didn't want to exclude any teams be they new or old. I'm assuming by that you are bringing the lizards into this one?

150-200 sounds good to me, I'll say 200 for now it's more than enough for more teams to make some replacements, if anyone else has any thoughts we can change it.
Monkey Hustle
I was going to bring the chaos team but Im not sure the other league would be finished by then. If it is then I would like to bring them instead.
I set the date about 3 weeks from now in the hope that it should be finished by then, if not we can always delay mate.
Will definitely be up for this. I'm not sure which team I will bring yet though, will see what kind of TV is average and who is alive closer to the time.
Only 3 sign ups so far... this is poor stuff!!!! Lets be having you slags!
only have one team with any sort of rating so might have to bung them in.Or i might just make a team and see how they go Grin
Cheers Pat, I've added your name mate!

Don't forget everyone there is plenty of weeks if your a bit nervous and want to build a team up with a few games, get signed up now and you don't need to enter your team until the 18th of November!!!!!!
"Do you know what "nemesis" means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent.
Personified in this case by a 'orrible cunt... Me!"
Chaos Dwarves for me plx- The Beardy Lovepumpers
6 sign ups and 2 weeks to go guys. Let me know if your interested in playing this league and haven't signed up already. I'll be around tonight if anyone wants to practice with a team or anything like that.
will probably bring my elf team from the current league as i've gotten used to playing them. besides the league needs more GAY!!!!! besides fiddy that is.
Great stuff Dor! No reason an elf team wouldn't do very well in this league!

That makes 7, we need 1 more to get it even again!
Shameless bump!
Monkey Hustle
Stell I have transfered the ownership of the DC disaster league to you and upped the team limit to 8. Not sure if you wanted to keep the same league or just create a new one, but its nice reading the league history (just coz it says my lizards won round 2 Wink )

If you want to create a new one then thats cool Grin

If you pass me ownership of Elbow Deep (once its finished) then I will keep that running as the fun league. Though it will have in the history that you won the first round which Im not sure about Wink
For the Vet league I was thinking of creating a new one bud so it's got its own nice fresh history, as a side I thought it might be nice to run the DC disaster as is?
I think I created the Elbow Deep league, so will transfer tonight if it has to be the creator, and we are finished of course!
Kick off for the Vet league is a mere 6 days away now!!!!!!

Please make sure your team is ready and available to enter the league.

Also, we are one team off being able to start this, if anyone feels that they can make two games a week, this will be a great league to join in on and let your team expand, don't let those TV1000 teams fade into nothing, throw them in here for a nice big old scrap.
Monkey Hustle
I think Tarn said his mate would be up for it. If not, just to get the league started I can always create a random team from sammys account just to add in. Then we can give ourselves a 2-0 win when we have that team. Not ideal, but rather that than waiting around for ever Grin
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