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Discussion Forum » Other Games » Blood Bowl » Stells extra finger (vet league)
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Stells extra finger (vet league)
Okay buddy 2-0 if you can't play Indy by Monday night. Same for Grams and Pat, if you guys can't make your game by Monday I will 2-0 it to Pat. No answer from Dor yet either but we will 2-0 that in favour of Hustle if not.
Monkey Hustle
Well the day has been turned over and the first game has been played. My Chaos V Fiddys rats. A hard fought 1-0 victory to the chaos boys which could easily have been a draw if it wasn't for Fiddy having a senior moment halfway through the second half. The first half I kicked off to Fiddy and just about managed to stop stop him scoring. The half ended with him about 4 squares away from my end zone, one turn short of scoring. Big thanks to the ref for letting the game run one turn at the start of the half Grin

The second half I had the ball and was trying to smash my way through the disease ridden rats and had made it half way up the pitch when Fids zapped my ball carrier with his wizard. Fucking wizards. I hadn't managed to pick the ball up on my turn so over to Fids to see if he could sneak in and steal the ball from under my nose. He tried to tackle one of my chaos warriors, though as his strength was lower he had 2 red dice. He went for it anyway. The jammy bastard only got 2 full yellow splats. Which he then rerolled. And got 2 red skulls. Not entirely sure what was going through his head when he did that, and I couldn't even be nice and still give him a knock down as there was only red skulls to chose from. So, instead of being nice I picked a red skull and laughed my arse off Grin

After we had all stopped laughing at Fiddy I picked the ball up and scored the winning touch down. A great and hard fought game which could have been a 0-0 draw had Fids not gone full retard.

It looks like Pat is in the final as he has a 6 point lead and with only 2 games left there is only 1 person that can match his score. Lets get the rest of these games played and see who will be joining him Grin
Lovely write up mate, wish I could have witnessed that one!!!! I'm hopefully playing Indi this evening which leaves.

Grams VS Chi (I've not seen or heard from either)
Tarn VS Dor (Dor let me know if you are going to join in buddy)

Roll over will be Monday night (I should remember) if I don't see anything from Chi or Grams it will be 0-0 and I know who needs those points. Tarn you get the result if I hear nothing from Dor.
Bah! Night work is really interfering with my bloodbowl playing!
No worries, well Dor if you see this then Monday or Tuesday are free for me!
Tarn can you see if Grams can contact Chi to organise? Or post up otherwise Ill have to give this one to Chi as he posted.
As he posted what????
At least post a day or time not that yer working nights so less people to see you playing "My names Buck and i like to fuck"
Pat makes a good case! Sorry Chi its a draw for you. Day has been rolled over.

Final round of league play is
Pat Vs Tarn
By for Gram
Dor Vs Stell
Fiddy Vs Chi
Indi Vs Hustle.

Dont forget this will roll over into a cup.

Dor if you can play this one let me know bud, I'll make myself available.
Monkey Hustle
Whens good for you Indy?

Whoever wins out of me or you I think will be joining pat in the final! A draw will be enough for you too.
I can do Wed/Thurs/Friday evening I think..

Big match this one.
I'm not sure if its just a final it might be semi's also, I cant remember really haha!
Nice...Random format ftw!

Two ex champion teams from earlier leagues though, thats quite cool Smile.
Monkey Hustle
Haha semi finals as well? Thats new! Should make for a fun last few matches Grin

Will jump online weds for the game Indy.
Cool mate, will see you tomorrow for the clash!
Fiddy Vs Chi

Let me know when you're about, Buck
"Do you know what "nemesis" means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent.
Personified in this case by a 'orrible cunt... Me!"
Monkey Hustle
Thats me and Indy played. A pretty evenly matched 1-1 draw. Nothing too insane happened, a couple of cheeky moves by the amazons, but thats to be expected with them, and a beastman tripping over his own feet dropping the ball. Good fun but a boring match report Pfft
I like to fuck indeed! I am overtiming it for the foreseeable future, not much in the way of time off for poor old me. Good for during the day on Friday but then i am not off until next Saturday.

Hmm perhaps a 4-5 ish game before i go at the weekend?
Okay as it's the last game before the semi (possibly) and the Final, I can give a few more days grace. So left to play are

Fiddy Vs Chi (If you guys like I can just set that to 1-1 as it appears the weekend game didn't happen.

Pat Vs Tarn (heard nothing from either of you guys? so currently 0-0)

Dor Vs Stell (I wont roll this one over till the others have been as I've heard nothing from Dor yet)
I'm around tonight if you're free Pat?
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