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Discussion Forum » Other Games » Blood Bowl » Stells extra finger (vet league)
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Stells extra finger (vet league)
Steeltusk wrote:Fiddy Vs Chi (If you guys like I can just set that to 1-1 as it appears the weekend game didn't happen.

Go for it dude, it would have only been another crushing defeat for my rats and I wouldn't want Chi to have another one to gloat over so soon after your bufday tournament. Wink
"Do you know what "nemesis" means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent.
Personified in this case by a 'orrible cunt... Me!"
Played and lost to Tarn's block and guard cage 2-0.Had no answer to his cage as my team are pussy's.
Well it has been done chaps.

It turns out I did make it more exciting and there is a SEMI-FINAL!!!!!!

So the first ever semi-finals for the Extra finger are

Chi vs Pat
Indi vs Hustle

I'm inclined to give you guys 2 weeks to play your semi final, unless everyone would rather keep this moving. I'm happy if you would rather play the games to leave it running until each game is played but I know everyone else will be itching to get back into it and go for the illustrious extra finger trophy!
Cool. We can screen some of these if anyone wants to watch. When you free Hustle?
Monkey Hustle
Wont be tonight, but friday evening or over the weekend should be doable Grin At least this one wont end in a draw like most of our games seem to Grin
Keep it to a week bud.Lets just get it done.

Free most nights Chi,just shout on steam.
Cool will get on fri
I am good for a match tomorrow night if you are about then? We can get our final in the burfday league done whist we are at it!
Aye,all night bud.
oh and if the starter league is turned over we got that game too

False alarm,no we dont.
2-0 win to me.very tight first half with me just managing to outnumber Chi and push a wolf across the line.2nd half and i managed to sack his ball carrier 6 squares of his line to put down number 2.Then Chi spent the rest of the game trying to mutilate the rest of my team the cunt.
Good game cheers bud.
Monkey Hustle
Finally those pesky slags got the kicking they deserve Pfft 3-0 win to Chaos. I wish I could say it was purely down to my great tactics, but my tactics are pretty much just hit things and see what happens. It was more down to Indys thrower forgeting what she was there for, at one point forcing Indy to say he was going to hack her face off, which was justified Pfft

So its me and pat in the final. We were going to play it last night but pat had the good idea of waiting to see if people wanted to watch it being streamed. If theres a good night to do this then we can wait and play it then Smile
I'd love to watch the final!
i would like to watch that too!
Televised final sounds great but I'm away all week next week.... sad times!
Disgusted with my Zons....all the way to the semi's and let down by a thrower who fumbled what, 10 times or so?

Im still claiming the moral victory as Hustle had to pay to beat up girls with his own money (Masterchef) Pfft

Really though, it was a proper funny game, but its one of those you know is going tits up straight away (literally for the Zons!).

They did however actually manage to get some DC players to use tackle, which in itself is a miracle Smile

Anyhow...I have had to change the throwers autograph pic...
Indio attached the following image:
When do you wanna do this final Hustle?
Monkey Hustle
I should be around most of the weekend bud, so will just loiter on ts, or gimme a text Grin
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