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Discussion Forum » Other Games » Blood Bowl » New BB League - Sign up here! (Fun league)
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New BB League - Sign up here! (Fun league)
Monkey Hustle
New league open, so get your teams signed up!!!!

1st - Hustle - Halflings
2nd - Stell - Ogres
3rd - Chi - Vamps
4th - Indio - Dark Elves
5th - Al - Chaos
6th - Dorman - Human
7th - Patman - Khorne
8th - Fiddy -Chaos Dwarf
9th - Freti - Orc
10th - Tarn - Undead

There will be a 2 week maximum time frame for games (barring obvious circumstances). Those that dont get their games played in the 2 weeks will have the results decided by forum attempts (plus thoughts of the other players), so it will be in the interest of your team to become more active on the forum. It would be nice if we could get the games done on a weekly basis though, so please try to get this done so we can have more carnage!

On a personal note, I do enjoy reading (and writing) the match reports so if we could try to write something after each game that would be brilliant. I dont want to sound like a teacher and give you all homework, this is obviously optional, I just thought it would be nice to get some more life into this forum and give us all something fun to read.
Edited by Monkey Hustle on 15-11-2013 08:27
Pick me!
Aye Shock
Fidster attached the following image:

"Do you know what "nemesis" means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent.
Personified in this case by a 'orrible cunt... Me!"
I'm in again!

Agree with the match write ups, its one of the most entertaining parts for me. Especially if you have both points of view!
Edited by Indio on 01-11-2013 10:56
Connection: close
Undead for me, Gobbos for Stell please!

I will endeavour to provide some sort of match write up in future, although that screenshot of my halfling blood bin sums up my whole season really! Smile
Can we add Khorne in plx? I would guess the middle tier but I haven't used them too much myself.
Monkey Hustle
Monkey Hustle
Still missing a few sign ups for this next league. I know Dor is on holiday so should hopefully sign up when hes back, what about Woolfy, Chi and Freti? Im not gonna chase people on this, so get signed up on here so you dont miss out!
Edited by Monkey Hustle on 04-11-2013 12:20
I think Woolfy and Freti are both on hols mate. Chi is a likely, but best catching him on ts!
Monkey Hustle
Indio wrote:Chi is a likely, but best catching him on ts!

Yeah I know people are often on ts, I just thought it would be good if we used the forum a bit more. It doesn't take long to pop on and put your name down, and that also makes it easier for those organising the leagues Smile
What the heck i'm in Smile
I've been told i need to play Grin yeah sing me back up.
I'll just have to make a hash of another decent team lol.
Monkey Hustle
Another decent team? You had vamps, they are far from decent bud Pfft

Oh I was thinking of adding in a "no picking a team you have had experience with" clause again. What do we think about that? This is the fun league, so the vet league can be for teams you know what you are doing with. Though I think that would mean that Stell cant have gobbos as he has played them in a league before (I think).
Edited by Monkey Hustle on 05-11-2013 20:27
WTF!!!!!! I didn't mind Gobos, best of a bad bunch, this is totally unfair, I demmand a recount.....

LOL! Shit Pfft
Monkey Hustle
Haha I don't mind bud, I just thought the more even the league is the more fun it will be. I have nothing against you having gobbos. Whilst we all start off with a new team, if you know them as well as we know some of the teams then that still gives an advantage. If I end up bottom next season coz of the crap team I get to pick this one, then I could take a lizard team, the same with Indy and orcs etc. Making the league fun for everyone is what Im aiming for so the newer players will be learning the teams the same way the long term players will be.

This way we hopefully get new winners and losers each season.
Edited by Monkey Hustle on 06-11-2013 07:57
New team each time around sounds good to me. Which ones have you played in that tier, Steel?
No, I totally agree Hustle if its a new league then teams we've not played in the league before is a great idea, that way no one has a real advantage over anyone else.

Tarn, I've used Goblins and Underworld of those teams. I've not used Haflings, Ogres or Vamps in the DC leagues.
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