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Discussion Forum » Other Games » Blood Bowl » New BB League - Sign up here! (Fun league)
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New BB League - Sign up here! (Fun league)
You about later Hustle?
Monkey Hustle
Sorry Indy, I will be about tonight if thats any good?
No worries. Might be about tonight if not will try for tomorrow (Monday)
Monkey Hustle
Right, thats crimbo and new year out the way, back to normal now. Lets get this game sorted Indy. When is good for you?
Monkey Hustle
Rgr that bud, see you online tonight Grin
Last night saw the battle of the old alliance. Orcs V's Ogres. My eternal pessimism Grin and clear lack of experience shone through with a convincing 2-0 defeat (letting two Ogre's score, what was i thinking.....)

In true Freti style, the first roll of the game (first actual played game for me this season as well) saw the KO of one of my black Orc's. At least it wasn't a death this time, i'll take that as a small victory Smile

But it true Orcish style and having no solid game plan, I set about beating the crap out of the smaller dominion on the filed. With some good success Wink

Some very very dodgy ball handing on both sides so the majority of the match with the ball on the floor. And some very well placed Ogre's saw fumbling turned into a passing art form.

A well timed and executed attack on one of the offending scoring Ogre's saw a permanent -1 strength injury. And my spys have report back from the opposing camp that the medics aren't hopeful for a full recovery for the season. I will claim that as a moral victory overall Grin

Despite one of my Black Orcs being out for the next match. The Munchers brushed off many attempts to dampen there unshakable spirit and on the whole did me proud.

Good game mate Wink
Monkey Hustle
The mighty halfing charge has come to an end. Indys Dark elves showed that they are not totally limp in the wrist department by beating the 'flings 2-0. A very quick first half touchdown from Indy saw him take an early lead. A "sturdy" halfling cage saw me make progress of about 2 squares into Indys half and my treeman picked up the ball carrier to throw him for a glorious equaliser! Well, that's what I had been hoping for. Instead he picked him up and dropped him where he had been stood. At least he didn't kill him.

The second half kicked off and indy seemed to swap his elves for orcs as he demolished the poor little halfings with 3 knock outs and a serious injury in one turn! After a few more knock outs, injuries and a death my team wasnt looking too strong. Indy obviously saw this too and kicked my ball carriers teeth in, picked up the ball and headed to my end zone. Not having many halflings left the valiant survivours threw themselves at the ball carrier. One heroic effort from a brave halfling saw his ball carrier dropped to the floor, after having to make 3 tackle zones, 2 go for its and 2 red dice! Unfortunately numbers werent on my side and the last remaining survivors were soon mopped up by indy as he scored his second touch down.

A good fun game Grin Just Pat and Al left in this league now I think. Get that game sorted guys and then we can turn the day over Grin
Edited by Monkey Hustle on 07-01-2014 12:08
That match was great fun Smile

I have never encountered a halfling cage before, but I am glad I have now! As a bonus, this match broke my streak on killing my own players for the last lot of matches, yay!

Props to Hustle for who has to play the little blighters for the season for doing so in good humour...can he beat Chi's halfling win ratio though? Who knows!
ready anytime Al
patman wrote:

ready anytime Al

I'm online now for a coupla hours, but you're not on steam. :-(
Next coupla nights should be ok if you're about too, normally get on 7:30/8ish. :-)
Monkey Hustle
Hi Dor, not sure if you are still away or you want to come back online for a quick game, but I have you next. Can I tempt you back with an easy game against the halflings? Lots of small defenceless short arses, just ripe for a damn good shoeing?

You know you want to Wink
1-0 win to the Cobbs,a very hard 1-0 win too.Could have had 3 TD'S in the first half but Al did some outrageous dodging to crush my ball carrier every time.A very bloody first half with 1 death 1 bad injury and a KO.Second half and i pushed through Al's defence to score,this was only after i had reduced his line of defence again and a pure lack of players made sure the dodgemaster could dodge no more.
Cheers for the game Al,was a very nice and very close game.
Chi Shock
Monkey Hustle
Well theres been no games played in this league for over a week now? Can we get them sorted soon please? I will give everyone another week to get the games finished before giving any results.
Roger that mate, bee plodding along this week as works been busy I'll sort mine and Chi's game out.
I think I have Indi next, but not sure if I am friends with you on Steam or not?
No idea! I wont be about tonight for sure, but can be about friday evening if that's good?
Edited by Indio on 22-01-2014 14:37
I'll be around from 7-8ish and will be bringing a Sword of Friendship with me. Wink
ALRules attached the following image:

Edited by ALRules on 24-01-2014 19:48
Monkey Hustle
Just a reminder to get the last 2 games played by the end of monday. If not I will give a random win to one of the teams.

Dont mean to sound like Im hassling everyone, but there has been very little communication on the forum again regarding arraging matches and I feel like another league is on the way to fizzle out. If games are being arranged on ts or wherever then thats great, but could someone just pop a little message in here to let everyone know whats going on please?

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