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Discussion Forum » Other Games » World of Warcraft » anyone srill raiding?
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anyone srill raiding?
Been thinking about returning, I miss raiding but wasn't sure if anyone was still playing/raiding. Just a thought at the moment but if people are I think I might come join ya. Alliance or Horde.
Monkey Hustle
Im still pottering around on there. Not raiding properly, just doing the LFRs. Can be fun with a group thats not made up of abuse hurling children Pfft

Theres a new raid mode called flex that is a little easier than normal raid modes but can be done with between 8 and 25 people (i think.) If we could get a few of us back online we could always give that a go Grin Im sure me and sammy would be up for it. I know Als still playing, Pat plays now and then as does Tarn and Skan. With a only a couple more we could probably give a go. Grin
My playtime is going to be a bit sporadic but yeah would love to give it a go mate. Are you guys still on the Horde side or did you switch over to the dark side? Still on the same server?
Monkey Hustle
We're on horde mostly these days, and still on Terenas Grin
Caught up with Spammy last night. Trying it out on a trial basis at the moment, seeing if its still fun then Ill take a look at the raiding side.
Monkey Hustle
To be honest I dont really find it that fun without everyone else playing, which is pretty much how I feel about most games. They are ok for a while but its the rest of the DC that keeps the game enjoyable and interesting. If you are trying it on your own it could get a bit boring. If there's certain nights you can make then let us know on here and we will see if we can get a few people online to have a laugh with Smile Same goes for anyone else thats playing. Pat you have been playing so if you too want to grab us for anything then give us shout. If Im not online then Im probably painting or sammy has locked me in the coal bunker again, but chuck a text this way and we can come and join you Smile
Oh yeah more the merrier mate, I think my timings will be sporadic as we stay away on some nights with work depending on what we have on but normally I'm about Tuesday and Thursday nights. I should be on tonight if anyone is about, I'm thinking of rolling a rogue (the only class I've not really played) if anything just to re-learn the ropes, very tempted to get involved with the challenges though they sound right good fun from what I've read.
You might also wanna take a look at wildstar when it hits if you are craving the DC magic, there looks to be a few people getting involved in that one.

And dare I say it...yes I displays quite a few of the good qualities of WoW, given its pedigree. We are certainly having a blast in the beta weekends. Think wildwest warcraft in space with a healthy dose of humour. Combats more like a hybrid of wow and gw2 I would guess?

Obviously we have only been on the beta for a short time, so Tarn would be the chap to speak to about the raiding and so on at end game as he's done his homework for us all Wink

Apologies for stealing your 'DC MMO advertising' job for a minute there!
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