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Bloodbowl 2
Monkey Hustle
Yay its finally out!! Have been faffing about with it a little and it seems really nice. Has everyone else got it? When can we start a league?

No bloody lizards yet Sad Though the Bretonnians look brilliant. Feels like a team of monty python players Grin
Got it, gonna give it a go in a few mins! Pop on if u fancy a bash.
Edited by Indio on 22-09-2015 20:12
Monkey Hustle
Just had a rather brutal game against Indy and can happily say this is brilliant Grin Its just as fun as the old version and they have done a splendid job with the new animations. As an added bonus I picked a random bretonnian team and this player turned up.....
Monkey Hustle attached the following image:
Pissed ourselves when that popped up!

As Hustle said, it's a top game, so 'fess up who has it and we can have a DC league up and running!
Sorted my copy out and had a couple of games with Indy, Pat and Tush last night. Lots of fun Smile
"Do you know what "nemesis" means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent.
Personified in this case by a 'orrible cunt... Me!"
I'm in.
Head count of the ones I know of:


Anyone else for the first season? It doesn't have to start immediately- if people are waiting on getting it still then let us know plx, just so we can avoid the usual missing people out and so on Smile
Heads up, it currently looks like you can make teams from both Lizards and Woodelves atm.
Will be getting it but not in time for the first season I'm afraid, let me know how you guys get on.
Ok mate, thats fair enough, just wanted to make sure. Will make league today.
League is created, name: DC First Blood Part 1.
Do a search under DC and it should pop up. Will send ticket to join once you have requested entry..

By the way, to start a solo league with ANY race, choose 'play in a league', choose your team, and then c, 'create league' then choose solo league and choose which type of format you want.
Edited by Indio on 27-09-2015 14:55
Hustle to sign then we are gtg from the confirmed.
Monkey Hustle
Signed up!! (sorry for the delay)
Indio just need to accept the ticket (in play in a league option iirc) then we are ready to start the day!
Edited by Indio on 01-10-2015 19:55
Monkey Hustle
Done Grin
Right its on!!

I noticed on the league setup thing that we can change the round format. So the default is simple match (1 normal match per team/round), but we can set each round to have the opponents play twice each round and add the scores or best of three. We can set each round to be different if we want. Just so you know whats possible. Lemme know the consensus before kickoff...its a 6 man league (5 matches each) as it stands.

So here are how the dice rolled for the first day:

Grams, you got my Orcs full attention for this one...Chaos and Orcs - doesn't get better than that for an opening match! Grin

Pats dwarfs v Fids rats

Tush's Classic Humies v Hustles Frenchmen

Go get em!
Edited by Indio on 02-10-2015 16:30
Aww hell yeah!

Looking forward to the opener. I'll be about later tonight, late Saturday afternoon into the evening.
Will be on in the next hour ish I reckon mate.
Hustle text me when you are free to play, can do tonight or most nights going forward after 7 Smile
Grams and Hustle up next, then on to day 3! Quite a good pace this season Smile
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