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Bloodbowl 2
Should be about around 8 for the match Pat Smile

Give or take
Will try to get on earlier tonight mate
Great match. grats to Pat!

First half was a sneaky fake from Pat, then a quick dash down the side for a goal. Luckily my dorfs managed to get an equalizer before the end of the 1st half Smile

Second half, Pats halfling master chef took its toll and swiped nearly all my rerolls, 4 for pat and one for me, the thieving cunt!

The second half progressed into a massive fucking fight in the middle of the pitch, until a couple of turns until the end, when Pat managed to take the ball and make a last minute dash to the end zone.

Really enjoyed the game, top notch action all the way through. Final injuries 3 orcs down (2 down for next match- you're welcome Steel) and one dorf (lucky apothecary saved one from death!)

Great match Smile
Edited by Indio on 12-05-2016 22:49
To be fair .that was a great scrap.Was damn lucky to get a win as that friday night fist fight could have gone either way.
It was down to the wire until the end...just hope our other matches have as much carnage Smile
Good match as ever Tush Smile

Dont know where to begin writing that up, it was crazy busy!
It basically went.... Foul foul foul foul foul, shit he's got a dwarf running to score. Run run run... Touchdown anyway!

Then, stop !messing round fouling and run run dodge with the skinks for the equalizer

And THEN the second half was a big punch up which I sadly lost and you scored late on to win Grin

Good solid DC fun Grin

Still gutted I didn't get a zero agility player though after that injury you have me Sad
Hustle and Fiddy left to go!!
Pats Orcs vs my Norse ended in a titanic fight green skin fists were flailing Norse bodies were dropping, a solid Orc cage saw Pat take an early lead. Some very dodge heavy, Sprint heavy Norse luck saw my northerners take an equaliser.

But the day was to be Pats a beating from the Orcs followed up with a cage and done stunning work from his thrower led Pats Orcs on to a 2-1 victory. Was an excellent game and the way Pat was playing I was only ever looking at a draw. Well played mate was a cracking game.
A tense, nail biting match with me and Stell, superb countering by him on the 1st half, and an all action 2nd resulting in a 1 all draw. Unfortunately for both of us I think we essentially knocked both of our teams out of the running for the championship!

That said, it was a worthy match to go out on, well played Sir Smile
Edited by Indio on 17-05-2016 15:56
Monkey Hustle
I got bummed
Royally Mr hustle haha!

Indi couldn't have put it better myself, I've had done real chess games before but that was a real doozy! I nearly fucked myself though going for a stupid block rather than a chance to score but some lucky passing and some crazy go for it's made up for the faux pas. Cheers though mate was a cracker, Tush, my pant wearing legends are ready for your raptor pack!
Sorry Hustle Sad

Steel just text me whenever you are free, if not I'll see ya Sunday!
Whens good Fids?
Monkey Hustle
I got bummed again
2 injured for hustle off my first round,Then a constant flow of ko's saw me to a 2-0 win.My black orc without block died to a both down roll,apothacary did his job and killed him again Angry
Was upset with the cheers from some northern twat when my player died,never heard him so happy.What goes around tush Wink
Indio wrote:

Whens good Fids?

Gonna be saturday for me dude
"Do you know what "nemesis" means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent.
Personified in this case by a 'orrible cunt... Me!"
Cool, be on sat then mate.
New Vet league up for sign ups.

Also new n00b league (new-ish teams only please).

Lets see how we do with double leagues. IF anything I think the Vet league should take priority.
Vets all signed up...looks bashy. Putting the dwarves out to pasture for this season as they are way over everyone's TV currently.
One or two left for Noob signup, looking to be a fast/light AV league so far...nice.
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