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Discussion Forum » Other Games » World of Warcraft » So made myself a Demon Hunter
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So made myself a Demon Hunter
Yup, decided to dip my toe in again...just curious to see all the changes and what not Smile

Thanks for added my char to the guild Al
I've been tempted, I know Tush is playing, is it not just same old grindy wow?
After seeing the movie i and the info about Legion, i thought why not. 10 levels on the demon hunter has flown by and it didnt feel grindy to me.
Is the same awesomeness as in it heyday? Probably not but its different and the cut scenes make if feel a bit more immersive. it definately feels more laid back so casual gamers are catered for.
Its only the lack of guildies that take the shine off of it but then again im not a people person Grin
Lol, fair enough. I think if more of the guild took it up I'd probably join again but I'm not sure I'll be getting the update before then. Been loving some BB2 though mate if ever you pick that up. You'd love it team game about kicking the shit out of another team... oh and the ball too.
Are there many of the DC on WoW nowadays mate? Must admit to a bit of nostalgic temptation recently.
Stay away from the light mate.
Al, Neenu, Skan, Sin and others.
Saw some peeps from Broken Drum, which brought back some memories too
Same as Indy, tempting especially after playing some Grim Dawn, got a feeling if I watch the film it will send me over the edge.
Ok back into wow now. On alliance which makes me a little uncomfortable but I've got a Worgen (most horde looking race) warrior, going full Prot all the way name is SteelPanzer so log on and help me level...... Or else!
Alliance... Angry
Details? Still Terenas? IS there a guild on that side? Some of us haven't played this shit for a while Smile
Still Terenas mate Im assuming it was you who sent me a message for invite last night? I've added you now mate, I probably won't get lb till Friday now though but gimme a shout if you get on then, I'm up too late twenties level wise.
Hello everyone! Hope everyone is well. I spotted they had released a new expansion for wow and apparently it's not shite! Are you still on alliance or horde side. Will try and catch you all in game as soon as

Monkey Hustle
Bloody hell, you are alive Dor!!! Hows it going bud? Theres a few of us on alliance at the moment, still on terenas. Gimme a shout when your online next. My current character name is Hustle, not sure if your on my real ID or not Grin
Yep I am alive not had much time to play much mainly planetside 2 or guild wars 2. I've made a Mage on the alliance side as I tried my one on the horde and realised how much I missed him. Haven't got legion yet but will pick it up soon. Hope you are all good and I'll try and log into ts and wow when I can.
DC getting back together on wow!!!
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