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So I've begun.

If anyone gets a message from
Appyo (low level but wanted to join)
SneΓ‘k (Low level Appyo's other half) - Cheers whoever invited this one in, I'm assuming Indi cause I was off by midnight haha!

He is a potential new recruit please invite him but leave him on Calf rank as that rank can't do any damage to the bank.

Updated with new joiner 04/10/17
Edited by Steeltusk on 04-10-2017 08:51
Threads I've setup... I didn't really know what to write but if you want to keep an eye on them they are



If you can think of anywhere else to start shouting about us, let me know. If we can get 3 or 4 good players on board I think that would be the ideal. I'd like to push into Heroic ToS if possible and look in good shape for the new raid when that turns up.
So just an update, it looks like we are starting to get a few through the door now. I'm wondering what people think should be the calf period?

I know Appyo and Sneak have been pretty vocal on the guild chat and seem to fit in really well. Rhapsodybd hasn't been online very much and seems a little more quiet. Kudash only joined last night so way to early for him yet. Just wondering what people think?
Well I think we should promote Chris since he has to put up with Ash and leave her as calf.. LOL Grin
Play it by ear.
Think I'll wait till after the raid this week.
New Joiner

New Member Zhaji (Mistweaver Monk) who had seen one of Stell's ads.

Another who has grown tired of Alliance and switch over to Horde, currently low level there Ally side toon is 8/9 HC.

Seems nice enough, 35 from UK no idea if male or female Pfft
Recruitment has started again


Please feel free to add to that post on the main forums, I'm going to start juggling around with peoples permissions and shit, let me know if I miss a main Character out from rights and permissions.

I'll add the guild to the in-game LFM as well, I believe officers have rights to check that out so will be able to invite people through there.

I don't want to go crazy with numbers or we will start getting shit in too but if we can get up to 15 regulars it would be nice, I have put on the forum post that we may start raiding again this all of course depends on numbers, by the time we hit BFA I would like to be raiding again, possibly even pushing for two nights a week????

Last thing I wanted to mention was Raph, he doesn't have the rights yet but I thought he seems like a good bloke and has stuck it out with us, I was going to promote him to invite rights as well, what do you think?

Anyways let me know if I missed anything or if anyone can think of anything better to do to get recruiting be my guest. oooh and as it is a new expansion should we be getting a new leader, maybe duel it out like the time we all went to the Gurbashi Arena.
+1 for Raph and I'll pass on guild leader
Monkey Hustle
Totally agree Rhaps should get a promotion. As for GM, you're doing as good/bad a job as any of us ever did so as far as I'm concerned you carry on Grin

I think this time round we may be a little short on healers/tanks so if we can try to focus the recruitment on those it may help. We want people to be able to play the class they want, except for Kal, who has to roll a healer, so Stell can play his rogue, sammy can try to play her warlock etc. I know Stell has a char that can tank, as does sammy, Kal has a healer, but they are more back up choices. I guess we may not have the luxury of picking and choosing from applicants, but thats just something to think about Smile
Edited by Monkey Hustle on 13-06-2018 13:39
It's all looking good for Rhaps.

I've put the recruitment up asking for everyone at the moment, I know what you are saying though with the tanks/healers. If we do end up short I can dust off the tank it won't be the end of the world and if it means we can raid then fuck it.

I have added the recruitment posts to Icy-veins and I've put the guild up on the in-game recruitment thing, I'm not sure if the officers have access to that (still need to sort all the officers out) so if someone with officer rights can check that tab for me to see if you can add from there that would be grand.
A definite yes for Rhaps! He's put up with us for so long and doesn't seem to mind!

Also, you are doing a brilliant job to be honest steel with gm and we will always support you but you are too good at it so I think you should stay as glad 😁😁

I will also be up for raiding two nights a week if needed and playing whatever the guild needs 😊😊
HAHA Sammy said I was good at something (screenied). Just found a guy on the forums, I'm going to try and get on tonight and have a chat with him to see if he wants to join us. Sounds like our kind of person. Enjoys his Mythic + so looks good.

I'll promote Raph tonight too if he is around as I think everyone said yes to Raph.
Potential new member may contact one of you guys name is Santaxx currently but that is on a different server so may come through with a different name.

Please keep checking the info tab for requests to join.
http://www.wowlem... For looking for players, pretty nifty tool.
2 new recruits tonight

Aeroc level 1 shammy transferred over to us, seems like a really nice bloke.

Oxos, lv 81 warrior plays a preist too, he's a bit of a live wire, jury is out.

Let me know what you think.
I'll have a word with the Mrs about 2 nights a week but should be able to swing it.

In terms of next Xpac i will most likely be tanking on one or many toons
Rhap's picked up another new guy over the weekend Wythnil (sp) he's not up for raiding but wanted to join a social guild, so we got him in. It's always nicer when we recruit if new people see we have numbers online so looked good to me, plus he seems like a good bloke.

Got another guy I'm trying to get in but I keep missing him, I've got him on BNET so will keep trying.

The other guy who made a shaman Actura (sp) hasn't been online since joining a couple of weeks ago, I'm going to send him a message to check everything is okay but if I don't hear anything I might just drop him.

Also what would you guys think about a Udder Guild discord server, lot of people are using them now, it's free, I can set it up but we might be able to use it to recruit a few more?

The ranks are starting to swell now though it's looking healthy for potentially raiding in BFA. Before that though Dor mentioned doing some of the older raids so if anyone fancies that I think we should stick some runs up, maybe one a week and see who signs up? (Are we thinking Mythic on those or just Normal?)
Have a Resto druid signing up (hopefully) this evening, he has to do a server move which is why I can't do it now. I'm not about tonight to invite but I have had a chat with him and he seems on our level. If someone could invite him that would be grand!
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