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Discussion Forum » Other Games » Blood Bowl » Ding ding round... err 3 or 4 I think.
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Ding ding round... err 3 or 4 I think.
Right I'm grabbing the reigns on the next cup once woody and chi have finished their game (Hopefully before this weekend) I will get the newly created cup up and running.

The cup will be for vet teams (not to say you cant enter with your newly created team but expect to get hurt and end up with a big bill) between the ratings of 1000/2000 if I can do that. Same format as usual, I'm aiming to start the cup on Monday 14th. I will get it setup and post the details on this thread.

Can I get a roll call just to make sure we have even numbers.
The Pigs are signing up for duty!
Edited by Indio on 11-05-2012 15:04
I'm in with me chaos dudes! Can we not set a TR limit? I can't see at mo cos at work but I think my chaos are over 2k TR :/
My Nurgle squad are up this time round Shock
"Do you know what "nemesis" means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent.
Personified in this case by a 'orrible cunt... Me!"
You can set limits, your chaos are ok though, 1600 odd
Ah cheers Indy Smile
Hmmm as steel pointed out to me my norse are a little fragile for the dc. Might have to go with the flings!
Monkey Hustle
Lizards signing up for a good kicking Grin
im in with my dark elfs Grin
Does anyone know if Dor is confirmed too? if so I'll get this setup for the 8 of us.

A few of us got on at the weekend and I think we agreed that this evening would be a good time to bolster teams if needed and I will get the league created after that.

I should be on from about 7ish for anyone who fancies a game Grin
I'll get my arse on tonight and join you Steel Smile Texted Dor and he's in for the league too Smile
Perfect I'll get the league ready then and we can kick off Tuesday if everyone is happy to do that.
With the addition of Pat we got room for one more!!! Come on someone step forward you know you want too.
i'm game once i've worked out what to do to sign up Wink
I'll get this setup tonight then Grin
Right league created details as follows.

League: The Steel Banjo
P/W: ghey
All 3 of the inital applicants accepted and I have made Fiddy and Indi commissioners so you guys can accepts/roll over/confirm results too.
7 sign ups in league now. We are waiting on Dor, Chi and Woody Smile
And Beardy McBeardy is waiting for you Tush Grin
Curse him! /shakes fist
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