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Monkey Hustle
Dor are you up and running yet mate? If you are I should be about sat/sun so if you fancy a game let me know.
woop all done Grin when best for you steel?
Awesome dude!!! I can be online this evening from 7, any good to you?
yh sounds good will jump on TS Smile
Finally found my disk so re installing as i type, can defo play on sunday matey as i'm free all day with no child or missus around Smile let me know what time is best for you.

Looks like the season is back on track guys!!!! All I need now is for Tush and Indi to destroy each others teams Shock
All to play for then. Don't fancy my chaos boys chances this season, but I might take a couple with me!

Whens good for you Tush?
Edited by Indio on 13-04-2012 12:13
Hey guys, sorry for being crap Indy. Had a mad week at work and got swamped.

I will defo be available on sunday night if your around?
No worries bud. I'm good for Sunday evening Smile
Haha just been looking in DC Open, some quality new teams have been getting beefed up in there! Good names too (ahem steel)...

'Fisty Power Squad of Joy!', an ogre team with 3 block ogres and 3 with piling on...WHO THE FUCK ALLOWED THAT TO HAPPEN?!? Shock

It's going to be a serious scrap next season I would guess, some ruthless looking teams in there. I think we might even have to give fids an extra point for steroid abuse, that Nurgle team seems to look much, much nastier than last time I saw them, and some of the originals are looking as tasty as ever.
Edited by Indio on 15-04-2012 19:42
We've done ours, 1-1 draw. Tough game but very close all throughout!

Just Dor and Hustle to go now before we can turn the day over...
Edited by Indio on 16-04-2012 11:59
Its a FIX!!!!! There should be a rematch until Indies team are beaten senseless! Lol, we just waiting on Dor and Hustle then or have those guys finished?

Fisty power squad are Chi's project and they are not friendly to new teams Shock
I'm free tues & weds night from about 7.30 if thats any good to you hustle?
Monkey Hustle
Ooops, sorry Dor, forgot we were supposed to play this weekend. Weds will be good for me mate, so will jump on ts and see you on there Grin
Monkey Hustle
Well thats the game finished, I validated the match and we are now on to the next day. The winnings I got from that game allowed me to buy a death roller for my final game. Dunno what they are like, but if I can squish 1 of fiddys players then it would be worth the money Grin
Dam Hustle you beat me too it!!! I was spending all season getting back my troll slayer Chi killed on the first game, let me know how you get on with it, I can imagine how funny it will be charging round with one of them hahaha!

So pleased this season is back on track, I'm looking forward to the vets season!
haha 'roll on' the vets eh? Blummin Dwarves Angry

Steel and I finished our match last night with a draw.

I paid heavily for having less block - he won the fight quite convincingly with 2 fatalities and a few badly hurts.

I did have some freakishly lucky moments apart from that, and Steel appeared to have had clownshoes a couple of times and fell over one space before touchdown. But I'll consider myself lucky getting the draw and say no more lol.

Its all on Tush now!
LMAO, Sounds brutal Grin
"Do you know what "nemesis" means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent.
Personified in this case by a 'orrible cunt... Me!"
Was a cracking game, my little dwarves were proving their running prowess on the field as they kept falling over again and again.

Hats off though Indi's amazing-passing-chaos-warriors (should be a circus act) were throwing the ball round like Elves in disguise was an impressive touch down helped out by his minotaur suddenly deciding he wouldn't just lie down and take it anymore but he would do something useful for the 1 and only time during the match.

The dwarves proving they had tough little nuts didn't go down without a fight and as Indi said I managed to send 2 to the morgue and a few to the hospital with only 1 K.O. and one badly hurt on my side.

Brutal game and I say a fair result we were pretty evenly matched.... if only I'd had a death roller Angry

Needless to say I will be cheering Dor on all the way!!!!! Dont let that gravy drinking northerner win nufink!
It's all gonea little quiet that can only mean Tush lost!!!
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